Rooster Awards

The Rooster Award

In 2003, on the suggestion of Endre A. Balazs, ISHAS established the "Rooster Award”. It was created to honor scientists for significant contributions to the therapeutic use of hyaluronan. It was called Rooster Award because at that time, extremely pure hyaluronan molecules with very high average molecular weight (>5,000,000) for therapeutic use could be prepared only from rooster combs.

The Awards were presented to the following ISHAS members:

2003: Torvard Laurent for his "significant contribution to the therapeutic use of hyaluronan". Presented by Endre A. Balazs.

2007: Paul De Angelis "to acknowledge his work on the development of synthetic hyaluronan". Presented by Mary Cowman.

2010: Glenn Prestwich "to acknowledge his work on the development of chemically derivatized hyaluronan for therapeutic uses". Presented by Paul De Angelis.

2013: Tracey Brown "to acknowledge her work using hyaluronan to enhance cancer therapies" to be presented by Glenn Prestwich.